How do I install my air filter?

  1. If you are using filters purchased through Above Air, which consist of a aluminum frame/screen and soft white and orange pads; The soft pad is disposable and should be discarded and replaced every other month regardless of how it appears (this is because it is designed to capture microscopic particles). The orange part of the disposable filter pad should be in contact with the screen. The white side of the disposable filter pad should be the side that you can see clearly and not against the screen. The filter frame and pad should be installed so that the air flows into the white part of the disposable filer and that the screen is preventing the disposable filter from being drawn into the A/C system. There is an arrow on the Aluminum frame, aim the arrow in the direction of air flow.
  2. Filters that were not purchased through Above Air may have an arrow indicating the direction the filter should go. The arrow always points in the direction air is flowing.

Can you explain the inspection process? (building permit)

A building permit is required by state law. Above Air applies for building permits to cooperate with local jurisdictions and to prove to you that it is our intent to deliver work that meets the standards of your city. Following an installation of a new air conditioner your building department of the city you live in will inspect our work and sign the permit card that was sent to your home. We at Above Air have NO CONTROL over setting appointments with your building department and can only tell the building department what day you have asked to be inspected (they do not allow us to control their time schedule). The building official's may have special requests for changes after our work, we ask that you let us know the results following the inspection so that we can either close your file or return to make the changes that were requested by the inspector.

Is there a fee to come to my home?

It depends on what you are requesting. The following applies in most cases.

  • If you would like to get information and an estimate to replace your Air Conditioner or get an estimate to have a New Air Conditioner installed this is FREE (hence a FREE ESTIMATE). In this case we would send a person that is a professional in giving  proper advice and information to suit your needs. This person does not usually arrive with a vehicle set up to perform diagnostic work or repairs.
  • If you would like to know why your air conditioner is not working correctly or what it would take to repair your air conditioner, there will be a minimum charge for this. This is what is called a diagnostic fee (service call). This fee is waived if you accept the repair at the time the technician gives you the diagnosis and the repair cost.

How much will it cost to fix my air conditioner?

The only way to know what the cost will be to fix your Air Conditioner is for you to invite us to your home. We will send a professional technician who will use his tools, meters, gauges and most of all his training and experience to properly diagnose the problem. Only then can we know what the price will be. You can rest assured that your price will be fair, reasonable, and affordable. Our technicians will give you options when applicable, and will prioritize your most important concerns for you. Should you need payment assistance we accept all popular methods of payment and can even finance large repairs if necessary. (“special financing with approved credit”)

What is covered under my installation warranty?

If you new air conditioner was installed by Above Air your warranty works as follows.

  • The cost of parts for the air conditioner are covered by the manufacturer for their stated warranty period (the labor to replace these parts is not covered here).
  • Above Air covers all labor for at least 1 year from the date of installation.
  • Above Air often provides a special manufacturers labor warranty with most installations. This is often 5 years but in some cases is 10 years of coverage. The manufacturers labor warranty would apply when a manufacturers part fails. This does not apply for labor to repair anything that does not involve replacing a manufactures part.
  • Failures due to misuse, lack of maintenance, acts of god, or negligence are not covered under any warranty from anyone.
  • Failures that occur in components of Air Conditioning systems that Above Air did not sell are not included.

what should a new indoor unit sound like ?

There are many different opinions of new unit owners. You might expect that although your old unit had lost its ability to perform it also lost its ability to flow the proper amount of air. When you switch to a new unit some people believe that there is more air flow sound from the new unit than the old unit. This may be from the dramatic difference in performance back to where your old unit was when it was new, as well as the added technology of "Variable speed" or electronic blower motors which sense and adjust air flow to optimize performance. This difference is actually a benefit to you by having enhanced performance, however there are adjustments available in your unit that can minimize sound to suit your liking.