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Our BO-Air filters will meet all your requirements. They are affordable for everyone's budget. They fit perfectly everywhere. The have the highest levels of filtration value. And best of all they are shipped directly to your door when you request them. For about half the price of the comparable store bought filters our Bo-Air filters have the highest dust capture of their class and are simple to use. Call us or ask our technician for further details.


You can place your filter re-order right here with us

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Eliminate mold with Ultra Violet lights

Special UV light systems are designed to be installed inside your Air Conditioning system. These UV systems kill Mold, Bacteria, and other harmful living organisms that live and breed inside you Air Conditioning system. The inside of you Air Conditioner is always dark and wet, these are the ideal conditions for Mold and bacteria to thrive. Your breathing air is constantly drawn though this unhealthy environment while you A/C runs. In the presence of UV light these harmful organisms are destroyed keeping your Air Clean and healthy.


Above Air has options available for you to choose from but our preferred brand offers a lifetime warranty. (please call or ask our technician for details).


We would be happy to send you additional information.

Electronic air cleaning

Electronic Air Cleaning is the most advance method of air cleaning available. Electronic air cleaners can only be purchased at the time of a new installation of a new air conditioner as they are always installed under and attached to your indoor unit. We would be happy to share additional information with you upon request.

Duct Cleaning

Although dirty ducts will not make a difference in the performance of you Central Air conditioning system, They may make a difference to your health. When choosing who to hire to perform this service, it is important to remember that you wont be able to see the finished product.

You should only hire a company that

  1. Only performs (specializes in) duct cleaning services. Some A/C companies offer this service as a "extra" service, which means that they don't have any true professionals that perform this work day in and day out.
  2. You should only hire a company that has been referred to you by a reputable source.
  3. Don't trust companies who offer to give you this service for free if you buy and air conditioner or that seem much lesser price than a professional duct cleaning operation. "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is"
  4. Remember:"The sweet taste of savings doesn't last as long as the bitter taste of a BAD DEAL"
  5. Please check out our referrals page on the tabs to the left, we have listed reputable contractors for your convenience.
Whole home Electronic Air Cleaning System
Added to you new Central Air Conditioning System, the Infinity Air Purifier can remove 99.99% of all particles in your homes air while having the ability to Kill the common cold virus on the surface of the air filter.
Carrier Air Purifiers Infinity and Perfo[...]
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